Making of our Island Inspired Sealife by Congress™ Jewelry

Our Process

The Sealife by Congress™ Collection is created on Sanibel Island using a lost wax process.

The origins of lost wax or investment casting, often known as cire perdue, go back to the very first civilizations in the Near East and to a combination of primitive art, religion and metallurgy. As the most accurate and reliable, this casting method is a means of creating highly complex shapes in gold or other metals with extremely fine detail.

Our craftsmen have tweaked and refined this process over the years, molding actual shells found on Sanibel’s beaches, and waxes carved depicting various wildlife found in Southwest Florida.

Once casting is complete, each design goes through a process of meticulous detailing where diamonds (VS1 quality) and/or gemstones are added and different finishes are applied, all in an effort to create a keepsake that will last a lifetime.